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Jun 13 2012

The Obligatory First Post

Ever since I stumbled upon Teach For Us, I’ve dreamed about writing my own blog on the site. One day, I thought…

Well, that day has come, and it’s been a long one. After spending the night in a Ramada on Lake Shore Drive, Mom and I pulled up to the Illinois Institute of Technology around 9 a.m. today, and proceeded to drag my things up two flights of stairs into this lovely little dorm room (emphasis on little). The only moment of trouble originated with my shame of carrying in my college mini-fridge we brought from home in Minnesota. (I felt that a mini-fridge might be deemed a little unnecessary for 5-6 weeks. And that we would look silly carrying its bulky mass in together.)  I got over it, we rented a cart, and voila, we have a fridge! Mom left for the airport, and after lunch, unpacking, a visit to the tech helpers (IIT at IIT!), a Target run, dinner, and more unpacking, I feel like I am ready to sleep until Thursday.

Unfortunately, that can’t happen, because tomorrow, Roommate and I will wake super early for Interview Day Round 3. Yes, that’s right. It will be our third time participating in the interview cattle call, something I am sort of dreading, but ultimately looking forward to its end (hopefully in the form of employment). I mentioned that this is number three: I flew down to Chicago in March and April this past semester to participate in the interview days, too. I really enjoyed March’s days, because we had an inspiring welcome dinner after discouraging Thursday interviews, and on Friday, we visited schools around the area. April’s day, however, was sort of disappointing. Most incoming corps members needed to be there for certification tests on Saturday, but I didn’t, so I ended up leaving Thursday night after two fruitless interviews that morning.

I can’t let that bother me, though. It’s June and it’s TFA time. Despite my anxiety with all the unknowns (what school? what class? what apartment? what neighborhood? what roommates? what time will you have?), I am feeling the buzz of excitement. I’ve wanted to do TFA ever since I heard about it my first year in college, and now it’s actually happening. Eeeeee! Here it goes…


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