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Jun 29 2012

(Mostly) Everything I’ve Wanted to Write These Past Three Weeks But Didn’t

  • How does anyone have any free time at Institute? (I am fully aware of my automatic contradiction of this statement by blogging right now.)
  • I drank TFA’s Kool-Aid during the first week of Institute, but I feel like I’m going to need a few more strong cups (preferably with some 5 Hour Energy) before next week.
  • I got hired last Tuesday! While I was pretty excited to have a school, I still don’t know my position, my calendar, salary, or anything else for that matter. Good news?
  • My first day alone in the classroom (Tuesday) was mediocre. My second day alone in the classroom (Wednesday) was abysmal.
  • Subsequently, I hit this week’s bottom Wednesday afternoon through Thursday noon. I’m pretty sure I told myself at one point that I only needed to make it through to the end of this week, and then I could leave TFA. (I am not leaving TFA at this moment. Then again, I haven’t made it through to the end of the week! Just kidding.)
  • Gender in Teach For America: This would make such an interesting study! I want to know all the facts about how many CMs are female/male, how many CMAs are female/male, how many SDs are female/male, etc.
  • Gender in Chicago Public Schools’ summer school: Even more interesting! In my class of 16 students, 3 are girls. What does this say? What does this contribute to the conversation about gender inequality in the classroom? What does this say about the intersectionality of race, class, and gender oppression?
  • My collaborative group is having some strugs right now, and I think they’re born more out of frustration and exhaustion than anything. (I’m being very vague. I know.)
  • I am ELATED it’s Friday. The weekend can last as long as it wants. I have to go teach. Maybe I’ll be back.


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