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Aug 02 2012

And so, it’s August 1st again.

It’s 10:17 p.m. CST on August 1st, and I sit here on my couch, watching the Olympics and looking at my Twitter feed aflutter with tweets about Michael Phelps, gymnastics, and … the TFA 2013 application going live.

( Oh, Twitter, that’s why I love thee. You’re always there to remind me of those special days.)

Yup. August 1st, the day the TFA application opens for those eager beavers who are pretty certain they want to join TFA. If they make it that far, they’ll find out their hire status in November (along with the second deadliners who apply in September). That’s three months earlier than the third deadline folks, and it gives the early birds so much more cushion time to get testing/certification things done, to interview, and to adjust to their lives as future teachers.

I sit here and think back to August 1, 2011, the day I opened my own TFA application.

What a year it’s been. I could go through and list all of the differences between 8/1/12 and 8/1/11 (and I’m really tempted to do so), but the most important one between the two is pretty big: My feelings about TFA.

Last year, I was so hopeful. Hopeful to get in, hopeful to have a classroom of my own, hopeful to be a part of the organization. This year, I am just a few days/weeks away from becoming a high school teacher. I am anxious and scared and ohmygosh freak out constantly. (I’m also really really articulate.) I frequently second-guess myself. There are many moments where I wonder how I’m going to get through this year.

Good attitude for the kids, right?

Don’t worry. I know it’s not a good one, but I’m not completely worried because things like today’s Twitter feed happen. I sat down in Starbucks this afternoon and looked at those cheerful and determined and hopeful tweets and I remembered that oh, yes, I was once that way, too. I catch a little bit of my spirit from last year. I wanted this so much. I dreamed about it, just like those prospective CMs are doing tonight. In doing so, I can look past my fears and anxiety and regain the hope for 2012-2013. I need to keep up with those prospectives and their journeys and think back to my own desires last year, because I feel like I’m going to need their energy to keep me focused on what’s really important.

And with that, Happy Application Anniversary, 2012 CMs.



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